Manifesto v1.0


© 2022,,
Original date of the idea: 2022-01-04

  1. Participants of the Project agree to comply with this Manifesto
  2. Participants of the Project acknowledge that a special form of simultaneous ownership of tangible and intangible property has been formed. We call this form of ownership the EEGG.
  3. The principle of the Project is EEGG trading in the form of a blockchain network NFT.
  4. The Project's main website is, where all Participants register.
  5. An EEGG consists of a tangible object (real object of reality - ROR) located anywhere and the one and only digital image of the tangible object (non fungible token - NFT). The ROR is created by the Author.
  6. The Owner of the NFT is also the Owner of the ROR and therefore of the EEGG.
  7. Each EEGG has its own webpage. The address appears in the form of a URL (, either as a text or as a QR code, and is located on the ROR.
  8. The ROR is independent of the Owner's location.
  9. The ROR can be exhibited by the Exhibitor anywhere and at any time without notifying the Owner. The Exhibitor must indicate on the EEGG's webpage the location of the ROR.
  10. The Author may disagree with the exhibition of the ROR in a place that is not in accordance with his beliefs.
  11. The Owner of the EEGG has the right to assume the physical possession of the ROR if he pays the necessary costs to the Exhibitor.
  12. A Prospective Purchaser of the EEGG will make an offer to purchase the NFT from the Owner of the EEGG through the EEGG's webpage.
  13. The Owner, Author, and the Exhibitor of the EEGG are entitled to a commission set forth at the creation of the EEGG.
  14. Physical destruction of the ROR does not affect the ownership of the NFT.
  15. This Manifesto must be visibly displayed on the ROR.
  16. Terms: Author, Owner, Prospective Purchaser, Exhibitor, Participant, Commission,, Marketplace, Project.